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01) You love anime! Great, so do we; in fact, it's why we're all here. If you're going to introduce yourself, that's fine, just make it relevant and contribute something as well.
02) Trolling, bashing or any other forms of harassment will not be tolerated. Just act like civil adults, please. If you're being harassed, don't fuel the fire -- contact a moderator and let us handle it.
03) Do not direct link/hotlink to other's uploads. Need some free space? Try Photobucket.com or Box.net.
04) When posting photos, only one 400x400 or smaller teaser will be allowed. All other images must be placed under an lj-cut. If you include inappropriate material, it must be cut and contain a warning.
05) Icons, screen captures, and fan art/doujinshi are allowed. Episode downloads, community promotions and convention reports are not. Music posting is allowed, but it has to comply with FCC rules; you must include to delete the files in 24 hours and buy the album.

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